Let’s drive away

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The Boy and I had some friends over for breakfast last weekend (apparently they read this blog – hello Adam and Vik!), who suggested that we think about getting a car and driving around Europe rather than the trains and budget airline tickets that people usually do. Apparently you can save a bit of money and have the flexibility of your own transportation, which sounds good to me! We’ve done a few driving holidays now – a short one along the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, and longer ones around the north and south island of New Zealand. Driving definitely has its issues (we got a speeding ticket in the North Island, and got our campervan stuck up a hill and broke the back windscreen in the South), but with luck and common sense it’s pretty enjoyable.

From some quick research it also sounds like it makes it much easier to see smaller towns, opens up the opportunity for camping, and means you can take scenic routes and stop when you want to take photos – much better than attempting a blurry photo out of a train window! I found this (slightly old, but from what I can tell still relevant) forum post about the logistics of driving and camping around Europe if anyone else is considering doing the same.

Ever done a driving holiday?

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