March Sketch A Day

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So I finished Feb Photo a Day (well sort of – missed a few days here and there). There is now a March Photo A Day underway, but this time I want to do something a little different.
I’ve wanted to get back into drawing, but seem to always put it off. A few years ago I was actually sort of pretty decent at drawing, but due to lack of practice, these days all I can manage are the kind of simple cartoons and illustrations that I do for work.

So instead of March Photo A Day, I’m going to do March Sketch A Day! I’m just going to take the daily theme up on Fat Mum Slim and do a sketch instead of a photo. So it doesn’t interrupt our regular programming I’ll just collate these and post them at the end of the week. Most days I’ll probably only have 15 or so minutes to sketch so some will be a bit crap, but hopefully here and there I’ll have time put in a bit more effort and maybe think about adding (gasp) colours!

Here is my day 1 attempt – pretty poor to be honest. Yeah that’s supposed to be me. I’m hoping that my day 31 sketch will be much better!

Are you doing March Photo A Day, or some other variation? Feel free to join me in doing sketches instead!

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