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I haven’t been shopping in forever (and have in fact been harping on about shopping bans), but gave in last weekend after a brunch in the city and went searching for some winter pieces. Mostly I was good, buying some thick opaque tights (my winter strategy = layering so I can still wear dresses) and the perfect pair of brown leather brogues. But I couldn’t resist a mustard yellow peacoat that was on sale at Forever New. It wasn’t on my wishlist, and really I have three perfectly serviceable winter coats (black, houndstooth and white), but I’ve been drawn to everything yellow ever since my wedding.

I did consider returning it, but I justify it thusly: 1) it’s nice to have some colour in my winter wardrobe, as I tend to default to black, grey and navy; 2) the shorter length is more flattering for my height than my other winter coats; 3) I can make at least three outfits with it out of my current wardrobe.

I should note that the items above are mostly taken from Polyvore and aren’t exactly the same as what I have, just a rough representation. Also note that my office environment and even client meetings aren’t as uptight/colour allergic as some corporate work environments.

I think I make a good case right? Now, no more unnecessary purchases!


  1. I think it’s fabulous! A splash of colour in your wardrobe is always a good thing, especially during winter! My yellow Modcloth coat is always getting compliments from strangers :)

  2. Nice yellow! I’ve been trying to (not very actively) hunt down a navy blue peacoat, think it will suit my wardrobe and style perfectly. Only issue is that 1) not actively looking, and 2) on a shopping ban too, now that I’ve accidentally hiccuped on my ban lately in the pas month – oops!

  3. Thanks Helen! I think nice navy coats can be really hard to find… the yellow coat I got also comes in electric blue though, which was a bit tempting! Maybe you’ll have some luck in these EOFY sales.

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