A very blustery weekend

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Hope everyone had a nice weekend (or still having, for you non-Western-Australians enjoying your public holidays this week)! Here in Perth it’s been extremely windy and stormy, with a mini tornado tearing up the suburbs and trees falling down all over the place. It’s the kind of weather where intelligent people would just curl up with a book and a cup of tea at home, but I decided to brave the weather and go for a walk to my parents house. I was almost there and was even thinking “this isn’t so bad, don’t know what all the fuss is about” when a gust of wind blew a ton of dust into my eye! I spent pretty much all of yesterday trying (unsuccessfully) to remove it – such a tiny speck of sand, but when it’s in your eye it’s horrible and maddening! Thankfully after a good night’s sleep it seems to have gone (or, as my always-optimistic mother pointed out, found its way to the back of my eyeball where it will stay forever; thanks mum).

Well at least the day started with homemade pancakes (above) and a surprising lack of hangover after a great night out, so it’s not all bad.


  1. I just switched to that recipe, as the one I was using before yielded way too many pancakes and used only 1 egg, so I couldn’t just do half! Pretty happy with this one, it’s just the right amount.

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