Opus Restaurant, West Perth

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Yesterday I turned twenty-seven (which I insist still counts as ‘mid-twenties’!). The past year has been good to me – I got married, travelled overseas twice, and quietly carried on with grown-up things like saving money and making efforts to be more healthy. This year is going to be a big one – if all goes to plan, this time next year I’ll be celebrating my birthday in the UK (or maybe Paris, cos you know, we’d be able to just pop over for the week or something). I don’t feel ‘old’, and friends have suggested that this is because I’m satisfied with where I’m currently at in life, and the general direction it’s headed in. When you get down it, isn’t that what everyone actually wants to be when they grow up – happy?

The Boy and I have continued our no-presents-just-fancy-dinners policy, and celebrated with a degustation at Opus Restaurant. He’ll be writing up a proper review at some point, but here’s a sneaky peek.

This is just the beginning of Foodie July – yesterday I had morning tea with my office-mates, lunch with Ms T, dinner with The Boy at Opus, and brunch this morning with my parents. Tonight is Ms T’s birthday dinner and drinks, tomorrow is lunch with The Boy’s parents, and over the next couple of weeks we have the Good Food & Wine Show, Truffle Festival, The Boy’s birthday as well as our annual Winter Feast at our place. Phew! I think it’s safe to say that Foodie July will be closely followed by Healthy & Poor August.


  1. Happy Birthday! I turned 27 back in January, and I have to say it’s been a pretty good age so far ;)

    Look forward to reading about all your adventures this year!

  2. Happy Birthday for yesterday! Oooh yum, fancy dinner present… that’s what I’m getting for my bday in a couple of weeks too! Can’t wait! :D

  3. Thanks you guys! I think 27 is a pretty good age to be really :)

    Cake – wowowow that’s so gorgeous! Triple-H and cake all to myself! Thank you!

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