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Some women find it the most difficult to rationalise which shoes to bring when travelling – for me it’s tech (well okay, shoes as well). I was brought up around computers and gadgets, and I can’t imagine my life without them, so end up lugging a ridiculous assortment of gadgets, cords and chargers with me on holidays. Our upcoming Europe trip is going to be especially hard, as we’ll be away for at least 6 months and I’m hoping to continue to work here and there as we go. Here’s what I’m thinking of taking at the moment:

  • 1 laptop
  • 1 iPhone
  • 1 portable harddrive
  • 1 Kindle
  • 3 chargers (laptop, DSLR, USB)
  • 3 cords (mini USB, iPhone, Kindle)
  • 1 pair of headphones
  • 1 DSLR
  • 2 lenses (50mm f1.8, 16-35mm f2.8L)
  • 3 CF memory cards
  • 1 thumbdrive
  • 1 converter plug
  • 1 powerboard or double adaptor

Crazy much? I think if you’re taking a powerboard with you, then you have a bit of a problem. This is after I cut out the iPad, another lens, an external flash and an extra compact camera (plus associated chargers, cords and memory cards). I’m a bit concerned about how I’m going to cart all this stuff around the continent without losing things, getting stuff wet/broken or having it stolen. “Just don’t bring it” is not an option for me! I think the best solution is to have all the most important things on you at all times (looks like The Boy is going to be stuck carrying my laptop around), although of course that comes with its own issues.

Any advice for me on how to safely travel with tech? How to do you travel with all the essentials?


  1. That pretty much sums up our tech list too! Including the power board ;). My biggest struggle is always deciding what lenses to take. Just bought a new one on the weekend too – a 40mm pancake lens. So light and small!

  2. I know, the lenses are so hard! I usually end up with my wide angle L series lens, because it works so nicely for landscapes and self-portraits, and the 50mm because it’s just so small and easy to carry around, plus great in low light. I am intrigued by this pancake lens!

  3. Yes, I brought more or less the same things with me when I did my last trip to Europe, although I didn’t have a DSLR at the time. And I still don’t have a Kindle, but at the same time, will you get a chance to read much whilst you’re travelling? I found that during my down times, I’d be sleeping or on my laptop using wifi catching up with reality ;)

  4. I was thinking that I do a LOT of reading on holidays, but now that I think of it that was just on the ones that I didn’t have my laptop with me =P But I like to read for a bit at night just to wind down before sleeping, or those lovely days where you just want to sit by a pool or beach and read for a bit! Also nice on long bus or train rides, especially if they’re a bit dodgy and I don’t want to bring out my laptop.

  5. I think you should definitly take your external flash with you! So many times I’ve gone somewhere to do photography and have ended up needing my trusty 430 EX II. I think your 50mm and 16-35mm L lenses should be perfect for travelling – certinally much better than lugging around a 24-105mm L and the heavy 45mm TS-E like me! One of those Grid-it storage boards for electronic devices may help you keep all your power adaptors compact and organised too.

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