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I’ve been keeping an eye out for cute camera bags ever since I got my first DSLR years ago – ones that don’t scream ‘I contain a camera, steal me!’, and also don’t clash horribly with a dress. The ones I’ve been able to find have always come from overseas, so I was really excited to come across the Amber’s Cambag by Australian company Elijah and Co. After asking, they kindly provided me one to review!

The Amber’s Cambag currently only comes in a cherry red, although they have a few other colours on the cards. The bag is made from a smooth, water-resistant nylon (so much prettier than the ballistic nylon of most camera bags), with a detachable leather strap and gold-toned hardware. The whole thing is padded and comes with two moveable dividers. There’s a zippered pocket on each side, which I find useful for my non-camera related bits and pieces; a large back pocket which is the perfect size for a Kindle or notebook; and a small zippered pocket on the inside of the top flap which can fit extra memory cards etc.

In terms of gear, this little bag actually fits a fair amount. For my usual walking about I like to just have my Canon 7D with attached 16-35mm f2.8L wide-angle lens, plus a jacket or cardigan and the usual sundries. All of these fit in easily, with room to spare. My 24-70mm f2.8L, which is a bit of a longer lens also fits in when attached. I only really bother with more lenses and an external flash when doing a shoot, but the bag fits all my main equipment – 7D, 16-35mm, 24-70mm, 50mm f1.8 and an external flash, plus spare batteries and memory cards. The bag is actually quite tall, so could probably even fit an unattached telephoto lens. Due to the shape, it’s much easier to get equipment out than it would be in a messenger style bag.

I’m always a bit concerned about the weight with a side bag like this, as my ONA leather camera satchel puts a lot of strain on my shoulder when wearing it for a long period of time. I was pleasantly surprised with Amber’s Cambag – the materials used make it quite lightweight, and the wide strap is very comfortable to wear, even when full.

Wearing it out to meetups with friends I received a lot of compliments, and everyone was surprised to find out that it’s also a camera bag! Style-wise, I find red accessories a bit difficult to work with (I wear a lot of warm colours which end up too clashy or matchy!), but it certainly makes a statement and looks fantastic with neutral colours. The best thing about it, in my opinion, is that it just looks like a beautiful handbag and not like a camera bag at all.

I had considered bringing this bag with me to Europe as my main camera bag, but went with another (less pretty) one as I needed something a bit more versatile for outdoorsy situations such as hiking (review on that one coming soon). I think I’d probably take it on shorter, city-based trips in the future though, as it fits everything I typically need and is comfortable to walk around with.

At AUD$145 it’s very competitive with overseas offerings price-wise – I’ve paid twice as much for other camera handbags, especially with overseas shipping. And of course it’s always nice to support a new Australian business!

Elijah and Co. have offered you lovely readers 20% off their regular price until the 20th November, so just use the code 20off at checkout.

This camera bag was provided to me for free by Elijah & Co. at my request. This review is still completely my own honest opinion and was in no way influenced.


  1. Another great review. I relate to a lot of the requirements you have. However, it doesn’t look like the zips come with lockable connections? I would also go for a more neutral colour that fitted in with my wardrobe. The cherry red wouldn’t work for me. But great to hear an Australian company starting to fill this category of bags.

  2. Lucent – I didn’t bring this bag with me to Europe, but I think it would only work for a very thin lock. I don’t usually lock my handbags/camera bags though, just my suitcase when in transit.

    Melissa – I just got an email from them saying they just got the new colours in :) I kind of wish I had the black one!

  3. I’m thinking of getting this bag for my winter trip to Europe. I know you didn’t take this with you, but do you think it would be too cumbersome to carry around, especially with a coat and such on? I have an epiphanie bag that is simply far too heavy to carry around all day, and the camera was difficult to get in and out of the bag. I don’t want to make the same mistake with this bag.

    1. The main reasons I didn’t take this bag with me was that I find the red difficult to match sometimes, and we also did some hiking for which I wanted something easier to carry and more outdoorsy. But I think if I were only doing a city-based trip I’d probably take and this bag with me! I found it quite light and comfortable (though not as light as my Lowepro Passport Sling). If you’re after a handbag style option, then I think this is a good one – just get a more neutral colour!

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