Winter Eurotrip 2012-13

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And we’re off!

Here’s the plan

  • 124 days
  • 5+ countries
  • start: Edinburgh; end: Madrid
  • 2 adventurers

I’m not used to travelling this way – usually every accommodation and mode of transport is researched to death and locked in months beforehand – but I think it’s really exciting. We have a few fixed points: a dinner here, a soccer football game there. Christmas in southern Germany, New Year’s in Paris (jealous much?!). But apart from that it’s all pretty wibbly-wobbly, especially the parts which are a couple of months down the track. This is intentional – if we find a town which we absolutely love, or find out about a festival that sounds like fun, I want the flexibility to change things up. I don’t think it matters if we end up not being able to see everything on our list – we’re going for quality over quantity, depth over breadth. This isn’t a once-in-a-lifetime trip, it’s a first-of-many trip. I think it will be pretty amazing.

If you have any suggestions for places to visit, or happen to be somewhere we’re visiting and want to meet up, please email me!

Currently we’re in Edinburgh, although between jetlag and the rain we haven’t done much yet! More posts and many photos to come :)


  1. We’re going to a lot of the same places as you, but likely different times (except for maybe Amsterdam and Berlin – we’re going Amsterdam-Cologne-Berlin just before Christmas!) It looks like such a good itinerary, I can’t wait to hear all about it. x

  2. If I ever visit the UK, I would like to visit Clovelly in North Devon. It is an amazing working fishing village poured into a cleft in a 400′ high cliff along the coast. I read about it in a couple of old books and looked it up online. You can find more information on it here: Of course this might not be the best time of year to go there, but I expect it would still be fascinating. :-)

  3. Hey hun, there’s actually not much to do in Paris on NYE because they don’t always turn the lights on the Eiffel Tower… but in any case it’s still romantic!

    Do you love castles and gardens? If so, GO TO THE LOIRE VALLEY. DO IT!! I would also highly recommend the east and/or west of France – Annecy is amazing, as is La Rochelle for the water and sailing. The towns are so quaint, your camera will love you :)

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