Adventures in Edinburgh

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In case you missed the hints I’ve been dropping for the past several months, The Boy and I are now on our Europe trip! After over a day of flying we arrived at our first destination – Edinburgh, UK.

It didn’t take long for me to announce Edinburgh the prettiest city I’ve ever been to. Amazing architecture is everywhere – from the medieval and Victorian parts of the Old Town to the Georgian New Town. There’s so much history in the place, some of which we heard on the free walking tour of Edinburgh (which I thoroughly recommend). Weird as it is, my favourite bit was the Greyfriar Kirkyard (graveyard) – the trees have all turned beautiful colours, and there’s many interesting stories about it. One of them is the story of a then-penniless J.K Rowling, who would sit in the window of a cafe visible from the graveyard and write about wizards.

Edinburgh Castle looms over the city and is pretty interesting, although I’ve decided that in general I prefer to take photos of castles from a distance rather than explore them inside. We did get the audio guides, but I much preferred the energetic and humourous retelling of Scottish history of the guide on the free tour we did earlier. A great view is from the Scott Monument, built to commemorate Scottish author Sir Walter Scott – it’s just a bit of a climb!

Food notes:

  • Jamie’s Italian – Beautiful interior, reasonable prices, friendly staff. Sadly the rabbit in my pasta was terribly dry and sparse compared to the large serving of bland pasta, but The Boy liked his tuna pasta. The antipasti platters are good fun though.
  • The Shore Bar & Restaurant – Leith is a bit of a way out from the centre of Edinburgh, but the food is pretty fabulous. The Boy’s haddock in his fish and chips was massive, and I was very happy with beautifully presented venison and potato gratin.
  • Patisserie Valerie – Good coffee and pastries, and conveniently down the road from the meeting point for the free walking tour.


  1. Hey there! Good to see you are on your way. The shots are wonderful and the food notes are great.
    Just wondering, how is the wardrobe working for you so far, and are you cold? Will your trench cut it, or will the puffer jacket be a purchase?
    We are packing tomorrow and heading off on Thursday on our trip, so any feedback while there’s still time to make amendments is appreciated! We will be reading your comments with interest and looking forward to using your feedback on our trip too. :-)

  2. Hey Julia, good luck on your trip! My wardrobe is working out great for me so far – most days I wear a long-sleeved wool top + wool cardigan or singlet + my trench and a wool scarf. The wool is enough to keep me warm, and the trench is some protection against the wind and rain. It gets a bit colder at night, so if we’re out I’ve also been wearing my polar fleece jumper. During the day I can get away with skirts/dresses with thick wool tights and boots. I expect it will get cold enough for me to want a puffer jacket in a few weeks though – I can do more layers, but it’s a pain to peel them all off when you go inside!

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