Adventures in Nuremburg

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Nuremberg was a short stopover, our first in Bavaria. How could we miss one of Germany’s most famous Christmas markets? The market stalls weren’t as decorative as the ones in Dresden, but what’s inside more than makes up for it. Nuremberg is famous for lebkuchen (gingerbread), small Nuremburg bratwurts and wooden toys, and so every second stall were stuffed with them. The highly decorated gingerbreads were very tempting, but we went for the simple round ones where the flavours really came through. It’s very different to The Boy’s gingerbread (which tend to be very spicy!) but still excellent.

We also made a quick visit to the local castle and tower (gotta love spiral staircases!) to capture beautiful views of the snow-capped city.

Foodie notes:

  • Lebkuchen is a must in Nuremburg, especially at Christmas time. If you’re going to be eating them and not using them for decoration, get the plain round, soft kind rather than the more thin, hard kind which has been cut into shapes and intricately decorated. Definitely avoid the iced hearts that you’ll see at every Christmas market – I bought one and it was so bad and stale that I couldn’t eat it!
  • Nuremburg bratwursts are one of the most famous sausages in Germany – they’re short compared to others, so if you order them from a street vendor you’ll likely get two or three in a bread roll.
  • Hausbrauerei Altstadthof (site in German) do a fantastic red beer, which is served in ceramic mugs (I’m not sure why this is more fun than pint glasses, but somehow it is).

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