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Jurien Bay-3

Skipping around in time a little here – are you confused yet? Here’s some photos from when The Boy and I went road tripping a few hours north of Perth, to Jurien Bay, on my birthday. It was chilly and a bit windy, but otherwise the weather was pretty stunning.

Jurien Bay-4

The area is known for fishing, especially the lobster, but it isn’t really my thing. Instead we went for a hike at Mt Lesueur, an area known for its biodiversity with several hundred different plant species. It’s a bit early to see all the wildflowers in full bloom but the wattle especially was already going strong with some areas covered in the fluffy yellow flowers – beautiful but a nightmare for anyone with bad hayfever! It was a fairly gentle 8km round trip hike (you can see more details here), just getting a bit steep going up to the top of the flat top hill (or messa), from which you can see all the way out to the beach.

Jurien Bay-5
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Jurien Bay-15
Jurien Bay-16

I wish I had brought a lens with a bit more zoom power with me, as well as my wide-angle lens – because we spotted a little hawk sitting atop a burnt tree, and later driving out of the park a kangaroo hopped in front of our car. I’m not exactly patient enough for animal watching, so it was nice to just stumble across them.

Jurien Bay-14
Jurien Bay-18

Afterwards we drove south a bit to the Pinnacles, a small desert surrounded by bushland containing lots of tall limestone formations. There’s some debate about how these formations occurred, with my favourite being that they are the calcified remains of old tree roots, exposed due to erosion. Some do look a lot like the base of huge trees, although there’s so much variation in shape and size. It’s strange wandering amongst these pillars, such a contrast to the nearby Mt Lesuer National Park and the beach, which you can see from some parts of the park. Maybe it’s not the most impressive geographic tourist attraction in the world, but I’m glad I finally got around to seeing it.

Jurien Bay-19
Jurien Bay-20
Jurien Bay-21

Driving back to Perth we stopped by West Coast Honey, a family owned beekeeping business, for some honey tasting and some amazing honey ice-cream. The young woman who showed us around is the fourth generation running the family business, although unfortunately – she’s allergic to bees! Apparently if a bee lands on you, the best thing to do is keep calm and still until it flies away, as they’ll only sting you if you scare them into it. We left with a kilo of their strongest, darkest honey, which tastes quite a lot like caramel. I didn’t end up taking any photos, but if you’re in the area or heading up to the Pinnacles, I definitely recommend it as a stop.

So now I can say that I’ve seen a little bit more of our (huge!) home state. Where to next?

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