Chalky’s Espresso Bar, Fremantle

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I’ve been working in Fremantle for almost four months now, and thought it was about time I started writing reviews of my usual coffee and lunch spots. You’ll have to forgive me for my iPhoneography in these posts – my camera is just too big and unwieldy to take to work with me! First up is Chalky’s Espresso Bar, which is actually the nearest cafe to my office and thus the one that I frequent the most. It does help that the staff are friendly, the coffee is excellent and the place is just damn cool.

This time instead of grabbing my usual takeaway coffe, I decided to try out their lunch menu along. K joined me and ordered the seafood laksa ($18), which she really enjoyed. I decided to get the steak sanga ($19), a dish which I tend to try everywhere I can to see how they compare. Chalky’s does theirs as an open sandwich, with one slice of sourdough forming the foundation for the steak, beetroot relish, tomato, rocket, bacon, fried egg and some battered and fried onion which had a slight taste of cinnamon. It’s paired with some twice fried chunky chips, which had the most amazing crunch to them. As a fan of steak sandwiches, I think I can say this is one of the best I’ve tried – being an open sandwich suits me as otherwise it’s too much bread, the steak and the egg were cooked perfectly, the relish balanced out the saltier ingredients and the fried onions were a nice touch. It’s a bit of an expensive meal for a working week lunch for me (both in terms of money and calories!) but since I usually pack myself a healthy lunch it’s nice to have the occasional splurge.

The latest craze in our office is for the baked goods sold at Chalky’s from Littlesweet Baking, especially the muffnuts ($5.50) (is that not the most hilarious word ever?). It’s a combination of muffin and donut – basically a cinnamon flavoured muffin with some filling, in this case apple, rhubarb and creme patisserie, with the cinnamon and sugar crusted muffin lid on the top. I have to admit that donuts don’t really excite me as they do other people, but I do love me some cinnamon and the filling was definitely a winning combination for me. I like to tell myself that it’s also a bit healthier than an actual donut, as it’s baked instead of deep fried and has some fruit in it (sort of?). Plus I have to snigger every time I say ‘muffnut’.

All up – it’s a great little cafe, lovely coffee and the owners seem like really nice people. There’s quite a few breakfast, lunch and snack options, and I’d really like to do breakfast there someday as the menu looks pretty enticing. It’s the kind of place that I think I’ll keep going back to, especially as their menu and baked good selection is constantly changing. Definitely a must try if you’re in Fremantle!

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