Winter Knitting

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With short, cold winter days, I’ve been coming home from work and only really having the energy to eat some dinner and do some knitting whilst watching trashy tv. Some people have told me that they’ve tried knitting and found it either boring or frustrating, but I find the simple repetitive movement calming and leaves my mind free to ponder things (or watch Private Practice). I find it much more relaxing than sewing, which feels like so much more of a time and effort investment.

I’ve been going through my modest yarn stash, trying to finish it up before committing to any new wool. So far I’ve made a tiny cushion cover from a thick grey soy protein yarn (yup, soy yarn!), and crocheted a warm red wool hat, and almost finished a pair of dark grey wool wrist warmers. If you’ve been reading here for a while and have an excellent memory, you might recognise these wrist warmers – it was on my list of clothing items to make way back when I did an Autumn/Winter Palette Challenge 16 months ago! From all those big plans, I only managed to make one dress and the beanie that goes with these wrist warmers (the pattern can be found on Pickles if you want to give it a go). I still want most of these things, maybe I should give the list another go?

Knitting in the round with four needles took some getting used to, but now I’m able to do it pretty well whilst watching my stories. Unfortunately my multitasking has led to me knitting two right hand gloves! I’m now trying to figure out if I can salvage at least part of it, or if I have to unravel one glove and start again. At this rate, it won’t be cold enough to wear them when I’m done!

I just have two more balls of red wool and one thick yellow one – anyone have a good pattern for using smallish amounts of yarn?



    1. I am, although I’m too lazy to knit a gauge so half the time I end up adjusting the patterns as I go haha. I really should have a proper look through for some 1 ball patterns.

  1. Lovely work so far! I feel comforted to know that other creative types have this mid winter want/need to do not much more than wool crafts on the couch while watching trashy TV after work… hello NCIS for me! I’ve been doing a similar thing this winter, currently working on a crochet ripple baby blanket – and I’m going by the same “no more wool until I’ve finished” rule! I’ll be posting my blanket progress soon! :D

    1. Thanks! And yeah, there’s a lot of other things I want to do like sewing and painting… but they feel like a much bigger time investment, whereas knitting a few rows here and there seems like far less work. Crime shows are the best, since they always seem to be on at the time I’m ready to sit down and knit and you don’t really have to watch them religiously to know roughly what’s going on! Looking forward to seeing your baby blanket :)

  2. Oh I adore the knit on the left. I’m so crazy over knitting. I just finished a scarf with giant pom poms on the end. I have a lot of yarn I need to use up as well. Like someone else posted up top, ravelry is a good resource for some designs.

    I do want to learn how to crochet, but I just can’t get the hang of it.

    1. It’s supposed to be a cushion cover, but it ended up really small and I haven’t gotten around to sewing an insert for it yet!

      I actually find crocheting much easier and faster than knitting, although I like the look of knits much better.

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