Adventures in Toledo

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More Eurotrip adventures – almost at the end now!

Whilst staying in Madrid, we ventured on a day trip to nearby Toledo. Once known for its religious tolerance (until all Jewish and Muslim people were expelled from Spain the the late 14th-early 15th century), Toledo has some surviving mosques and synagogues, as well as many churches and a huge cathedral. We visited a few of these religious sites, but having a bit of overkill with churches and not feeling comfortable taking photos inside them, they have not really stuck in my mind!

Mostly we explored the winding, cobbled streets, climbing hills to find the best vantage points.


Foodie Notes:

  • Toledo is known for its mazap├ín, an almond-based sweet. Unfortunately the stores that sell it seemed to be closed when we went there, so we didn’t get to try any!
  • We splurged on lunch at Meson de la Orza, which serves regional cuisine with modern presentation. A bit more expensive than your average menu del dia, but well worth it.

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