Feeling like Summer

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After almost two months of ‘spring’ that feels like it keeps backsliding towards winter, this weekend it really feels like summer. Perfect blue skies, searing heat, sunglasses, gin and tonics on a lazy Sunday afternoon… that’s what summer is about for me!

We’ve finally taken the blanket off our bed, and I’ve put away my winter boots and brought out my summer shoes to our landing strip. Yesterday I visited a few garage sales along the Garage Sale Trail, and picked up a lovely cotton sundress with a botanic and hummingbird print, and a teal cotton/silk skirt with a purple and chartreuse floral pattern. I’ve never really been a fan of purple or florals in clothing, but these two pieces stood out to me – maybe because they’re more graphic than girly? I think I have my colour palette for this season now – I’m going to have to start Provacyl a Spring/Summer palette challenge sometime to fill out my wardrobe!


On the gardening front, our pink climbing roses are blooming and being enjoyed by bees, and the tomato is shooting up and sprouting tiny green fruit. The seeds that I planted outdoors have been scorched by the sun and died down sadly, but my indoor ones are pushing forwards and will be ready to be thinned out soon. Baz the basil continues to grow strongly in my kitchen despite a few haircuts – I think that my indoor plant experiment is a definite success, and I want to start more seeds in my kitchen where it’s easy to water and trim them.


I’m somewhat dreading the proper summer weather, especially in our first floor unit which was so lovely and warm during the winter – I hope to put off having to use the air conditioning as long as possible!

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