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On a Friday night a few weeks ago (I keep forgetting to write this post), The Boy and I met up with some friends at The Precinct Restaurant in Victoria Park. Being a snobby Northie I rarely dine anywhere south of the river, even though this one is just barely south and probably closer to the city than my house is. But since our friends live south and we always make them come up here, it seemed only fair. After a bit of confusion where I thought that The Precinct was an area rather than a restaurant, we finally made it to the East Vic Park cafe strip and weaved our way to one of the shared tables at the back where our friends were seated.


The list of craft beers was long and impressive – probably too long and impressive for a novice beer drinker like me, so I asked the waitress for her recommendation. I’m not sure she was any more familiar with most of them, but being German she recommended one from the Paulaner Bräuhaus, which is actually one of the beerhalls we visited in Munich!  The Boy opted for an Australian ale called The Convict, with one of the more awesome beer labels I’ve seen.


We started with some pretty decent hand cut chips with ketchup ($9.5), and I opted to share a lamb leg, polenta, green beans, herb & almond salad with tagine jus ($29) with Ms O (pictured up the top of this post). The polenta was interestingly served in two small, lightly fried discs, and the lamb pink and tender. I did feel like there wasn’t quite enough jus, which made the dish a bit on provestra scientific reviews the dry side, but otherwise enjoyable. The Boy had Surf & Turf Beef Shoulder ($29) which is served on smoked snapper skordalia with some crispy onions on top. The snapper was blended into the mash (apparently skordalia is a thick purée which usually includes something stodgy like potato), which was quite a different take on the old surf & turf favourite and he seemed to really enjoy it.


The desserts menu looked quite appealing, but since we were all on a budget we ended up heading back to Ms O’s place instead for coffee and cake. If we had stayed I think the chocolate fondant ($14) would have been tempting, or maybe even one of the cheese options.


All up: This restaurant feels more trendy than I give this area credit for (snobby Northie!) with an exposed brick and street-art inspired interior and long shared tables. It’s a good place to try some exotic international craft beers, although be aware you will be paying a premium for straying from the old favourites. The food is modern with some interesting twists on the classics, and is much higher quality than your average pub food. I found my half a main more than enough food, although that might have had something to do with the two beers I’d had before leaving work. Service was friendly if a bit on the slow side, although for a busy Friday night it wasn’t too bad. I felt like the prices were a bit on the high side, but actually it’s pretty average for a Perth gastro-pub. A great place to meet up with friends, especially if you have northies and southies who have to meet in the middle!

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