Off to Tasmania

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Have I mentioned that I’m going off to Tasmania for a bit? Oh, well I am! We don’t really have any solid plans beyond getting our camper-car and driving, although I’ve just saved a bunch of WikiTravel articles to hopefully learn a bit more whilst on the plane over. In my head Tasmania looks something like the South island of New Zealand or the Scottish Highlands, although I’m sure it has its own distinct personality to discover.

I haven’t gone as crazy with planning a packing list as I have for other trips, as it’s only a short one and we’re likely to be spending a lot of it bush walking around Tasmania’s many national parks. I have a new pair of hiking pants and some practical shoes, although I’ll probably chuck a pretty dress in there for a nice dinner out or wine tasting day.

As always, packing involves a lot of rationalising what tech to bring with me and what to leave behind. I’ve decided this time to limit it to my phone, camera and 2DS with Pokemon Y (a recent splurge) and leave the kindle, iPad and laptop at home. Without a device that’s easy to take notes on (I’m terrible at typing on the phone), I’ll be going lo-fi and writing in one of the many notebooks which I’ve collected online blackjack for fun and then never managed to fill. Going back to pen and paper for notes is something I’ve been meaning to do for ages, as I feel like it’s somehow less rude than fiddling with a phone during a meal or tour. Maybe I’ll even get around to doing some sketches! This isn’t supposed to be a travel diary as such, just random thoughts and bits and pieces to jog my memory later. I thought it would be nice to start with a pretty title page, though unfortunately this paper did not like my ink, and I’m now cringing at my wonky angles and spacing. It looks a lot like ‘Jasmina’, which actually sounds like quite a pretty name but not what I was going for. I tried to compensate with some artfully scattered blots, but I’m not sure it’s working. I will have to really work hard to make up for the calligraphy practice when we get back!

Fellow bloggers (or journalers), I’m curious – how do you take notes to write about later? On a mobile device, or in a paper notebook? Do you have some kind of cool shorthand for scribbling notes in the middle of a meal, or just rely on memory and photographs?

If you have any suggestions for things to see, do or eat in Tasmania, please let me know!


  1. If you’re heading down the Tasman Peninsula way the Cape Hauy walk is magnificent and the walking track has just been upgraded too. Also down that way is Stewarts Bay Lodge which is lovely and the restaurant there is yummy.
    If you’re traveling on the Midlands Hwy Red Bridge Cafe in Campbell Town is a good spot for coffee or lunch.
    Lots of good places to eat in Hobart – Daci & Daci, Raincheck Lounge, Cargo, and most other places in Salamanca and in the North Hobart restaurant strip (Elizabeth St).
    In Launceston I’d recommend Josef Chromy vineyard.
    Hope this helps :) have a lovely holiday!

    1. Thanks so much Ally! We ended up missing all of these things apart from Josef Chromy in the end haha, but I’d love to go again!

  2. I take notes enthusiastically for a day or two, then lose energy, then end up with a half-empty notebook of unfinished notes that make no sense when I eventually read them years after the holiday.

    I am sure you will do a better job than I do!

    1. I managed to take notes for all of the 10 days :D Very very brief ones though, so I’ll have to blog them soon before the actual experience starts to fade too much.

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