Adventures in Tasmania, Part Three

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I seem to have hit a bit of a block with these Tasmania trip photo diaries – putting in the effort to get them out of the way now!

We continued onwards across Tasmania to Launceston, a valley city which was described to us by a bartender in Hobart as “literally a hole”. We didn’t spend much time in the town itself, except to visit local pie shop Tinnies Bakery. Why a pie shop? To sample the Tassie delicacy that is curried scallop pie. I’m not sure I’m completely sold on the idea to be honest free online games pokies, but The Boy was delighted with his and also happily wolfed down half of my Thai green curry pie, which was delicious but far too large for me. We sampled more curried scallop pies across Tasmania, but none compared to Tinnies’.

After a quick stop at Cataract Gorge, which reminded me a lot of Kings Park, we headed out to explore the Tamar Valley wine region. I always end up comparing wine regions to our Margaret River – Tamar Valley is much more green and hilly, and produces beautiful cooler climate reds and whites.



  1. Oh I hope you didn’t think that Launceston was a hole! Never trust a Hobartian’s opinion of the northern city, they tend to be a bit biased ! Launceston has amazing architecture, really good food and a strong art community. Like anywhere you have to discover its gems!

    1. Oh of course we didn’t take him seriously – people give enough crap to Perth although it’s a great place, so I figured it was a town rivalry thing =P We didn’t get a chance to see the city (or Hobart really for that matter) this trip unfortunately, although the wineries in the surrounding region were pretty spectacular.

      1. Oh that’s good! Hope you enjoyed your Tasmania trip, its a beautiful state. Incidentally, I also love Perth. My sister lives in Scarborough and I’m headed there at the end of May, making it my 11th trip there in three years. I reckon I must be a fan!

        1. I absolutely LOVED Tasmania, there’s so much to see and do there. Glad you enjoy Perth – some people tend to look down on it, but it really is a great place to live and visit. Pretty much can’t beat our weather!

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