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I go through rhythms with this blog – promises of regular and consistent posting, periods of malaise and lack of inspiration, times of too much inspiration and too little time to write, and quite often the frustration with my ability to craft words to express what I want to.

Every so often I come back to wondering what this blog is actually for, what it’s about. It began, over a decade ago, with a different name and with the purpose of sharing my artwork (which consisted mostly of anime fanart!). The topics come and go with my interests, which are wide-ranging and often short-lived. Last year it was mostly about travel; this year so far has been almost entirely about food. There hasn’t been much consistency at all, so is it really any wonder that there aren’t too many people reading? But then again, is that necessarily the point?

My blog is like me I suppose – I like to try everything Buy Cialis, and like to think that I’m pretty okay at a number of things, but perhaps not as good as I’d be if I just chose one thing. But lately in my new job I’ve felt that the breadth of my skills can be just as useful, in the right environment, as someone with a very specific thing that they are brilliant at. I’ve found the right place for my set of skills professionally; surely I can do the same with blogging?

I obviously have a lot more thinking to do, but I’d love to hear your thoughts on blogging, as a reader or as a blogger yourself. Do you like to stick to one topic, or just like the insight into people’s varied lives?

Pictured above – a flourless orange cake I baked for Easter and has been sitting as a half-finished post ever since. I think I will have to scrap the post, but didn’t want to waste the photos!


  1. Blog about what you like! There are no rules in blogging… it can be an online diary, something to look back on later, a creative outlet, part of an income, a tool to make friends, an online folio of your work… the list goes on. I think it’s good to evolve as you go on – you evolve in real life, so why shouldn’t a blog too? My blog, while it is younger than yours, has evolved too, even though I thought from the start I would only do homes, shops and renovations on it. Initially I was never even going to put anything very personal on it, or blog about our house and renovations… now I find that the personal posts (the ones I never planned to write in the first place!) are the ones that always get the most attention. I think people like it when you feel free to write about what you like and you can tell it in a blogger’s voice too, if they are enjoying writing about something, or if it feels like a chore. Go for the enjoyable topics every time and I think you will always have readers :) And P.S. I made a flourless orange cake once and it was amazing! If you ever do put up your recipe, I’ll be keen to check it out! :)

    1. Thanks Maya! I really love your blog and I think that your more personal posts add a lot to it.

      I think I tend to go all in with one topic for a while, then switch to something else – and when I inevitably get bored of the topic, my interest in my blog as a whole wanes. I have some ideas for keeping it a bit more general and maintainable; we’ll see how it goes!

      I used Billy Law’s recipe which is great but I think my attempt missed the spot a little – it didn’t quite bake through properly, and my relatives were very confused as to why you would want to bake a flourless cake.

  2. Depends on the blog, I think, Chi. If I’m following a general blog on someone’s life, and it suddenly became exclusively a subject matter blog, I would re-think what I’m subscribed for. And you can always have multiple blogs, if your interests are varied enough and you have enough to say about it all. If you’re blogging firstly for yourself, then let it be whatever you want it to be. There’s no substitute for that level of authenticity. :)

    1. I completely agree with your first point, and I think that’s something that bothers me about my blog – when the shine wears off the one topic or I run out of things to say, I get bored with my blog as a whole. I think I’d rather keep things fairly general and vary the content on this blog, and start separate ones for more specific interests, which I’ve already started to do with my sketch blog. Getting readers has never really been a priority, but I do want to achieve some sort of consistency at least. Thanks for the feedback, it’s really helping me clarify things.

  3. I think blogging is purely about what makes you really really excited. I’m weird in that I get absurdly excited over bargain hunting–to a kind of sick degree that you don’t normally see in people, so it’s only natural that I blog about these things.

    If I know someone on a more personal level like I do you (i.e. I know you from Vogue forums), then I like to know a whole range of things going on in that person’s life. If I don’t really know them, I just want to look at pretty pictures.

    I guess this is probably an ironic stance given how much I blather on, but reading and writing blogs are very personal things to people–just keep in mind that it’s YOUR blog, not our blog ;)

  4. I feel like we are spirit twins!
    This is 500% me: ” I like to try everything, and like to think that I’m pretty okay at a number of things, but perhaps not as good as I’d be if I just chose one thing”- I even started drafting up a blog post about this and then couldn’t work out which side of the fence I stood on :(
    I think blogging should be a reflection of your true self, if you’re the type of person that likes trying different things then that’s fine. It offers variety, a peek into the real you. I don’t see anything wrong with that :)

    1. Yay spirit twins!

      I do think that being a generalist has its own value – for example, I think I’m more useful to my workplace with a well-rounded skill set rather than a rock star web designer who can’t do anything else. And some skills are very complimentary – I think a background in design and illustration definitely helped with calligraphy (and vice versa).

      What I want to try to avoid with my blog is becoming fixated on one topic for months at a time, then switching to something else! I’m going to try alternating a bit more, at least with some personal stories in there for some variation :)

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