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There is ALWAYS room for ice-cream.

After our long lunch at Cutler & Co, we strolled and shopped around Fitzroy and eventually decided that we could squeeze in an extra ice-cream at N2 Extreme Gelato. For the uninitiated, liquid nitrogen ice-cream is made by pouring the ice-cream mixture and liquid nitrogen into a mixer. As the liquid nitrogen evaporates the mixture freezes rapidly, all whilst being stirred, which results in very small ice crystals and an extremely smooth ice-cream.


N2 make their gelato to order in their glass-walled laboratory of KitchenAid mixers, with the performance of your ice-cream being frozen with a cloud of gas as much a part of the experience as the final product. The menu changes frequently, often relating to current events – when we went the offerings were Mardi Gras related with flavours such as ‘Chocolate Orgy’ and ‘Spank Apple Tart’.


I couldn’t resist the ‘Black Sexy-Me’ with black sesame gelato topped with red bean as that’s a favourite ice-cream flavour of mine, but I sort of regretted not trying out something a bit more adventurous! The gelato was of course perfectly smooth, although as with any liquid nitrogen ice-cream we had to eat it fast before it melted.


At $6 per cup it’s slightly pricier than your average gelato chain or Macca’s soft serve, but it’s more than worth it for the performance, the inventive and pun-erific flavours, and of course that perfectly smooth texture. Don’t forget to hang about the mixers to watch the magic happen!

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