Wardrobe Zen: On Colour

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One tip I always see from those with minimalist wardrobes is the minimalist palette – whites, creams, soft greys, blacks and maybe a touch of brown. The problem is, I actually really like colour, and lots of it!

I think when people think of simplifying and minimalism, the neutral or monochrome look is what comes to mind. And if pretty much everything you own is black, white or grey then the job of matching colours is a straightforward process – perfect if that’s the way you like to dress, but not so fun if you’re more of a fan of colour. Personally I have a number of basics in black, grey and brown (white and I are simply not friends), whilst dresses, tops and a few other bits and pieces are in bold, bright colours.

At first I thought I was just picking colours at random, but now that I’ve cut things down to what I actually wear and love, they tend to fall into a few colour families: bright shades of red, orange, green and yellow; dark autumnal burgundy, burnt orange, olive and mustard; and the more traditional shades of navy, black, grey and brown. I’ve tried wearing whites, pastels and other pale colours, and generally I feel that they don’t suit me or my penchant for spilling food or drinks on myself. Purples and blues besides navy somehow don’t hold much appeal for me, and pink I only really like if it’s almost red. I’ve never had these colours analysed by so-called colour experts – they’re just what I’ve noticed I naturally gravitate towards and which I feel suit me.

In general though, it’s just following the basic concept of monochrome or neutral basics (I include navy and khaki in this), and colourful accent pieces. I’m not a fashionable person by any stretch, and I’m sure some of the colour combinations I wear might be considered a bit quirky, but I feel like ‘colourful and sometimes a bit odd’ is actually a pretty good representation of my identity.

So I’ll spare you the fashion tips, but my point is – if you really like colour and feel that minimalism is only for those who enjoy beige, fret not! You don’t have to follow anyone else’s idea of an ideal minimalist wardrobe, or home, or life. It’s a distinctly personal process in colour, in quantity, in expression, and there is no ‘right way’ of doing it. If you want to be colourful, then I say it is possible so go right ahead!

I’m curious – what colours do you wear? Are you still trying to make that ‘crisp white shirt’ work for you just because it’s on everyone else’s list? (I tried it and no).

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  1. I’m trying to pare back my wardrobe and for me, it’s been a relief to admit that I love neutrals and I don’t have to force a colour in just because it’s trendy this year. Which I think ends up being the same as your take on colour: wear what makes you feel good to wear, not what’s trendy or recommended by a guru. Crisp white anything is just not the life I lead!

    1. Absolutely! I’ve tried pastels and whites so many times, and they simply don’t appeal to me – I’ve given up trying and feel a lot happier for it. I think there’s this sense that minimalism has to look a certain way, so people seem to be surprised at the amount of colour in my Project333 posts. It really is just whatever you want it to be :)

  2. I just found your blog and I love your colorful zen wardrobe. I’ve been doing project 333 for a while now and have just starting blogging about my experience as well and I love finding other project 333 blogs and seeing how other people are making the dress with less concept work for them. My first couple capsules were really colorful but I’ve slowly started adding in more neutrals and now it’s about half and half.

    Like Chisa above, I too agree that it’s about finding what works and doesn’t work for you. Love your blog! I’ll be back. Thanks. :-)

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