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I usually declutter, prune and reorganise my wardrobe every few months to keep it all in good order. You know how it is when everything is perfectly in it’s place and you do your best to keep it that way for a while… then after a few lazy days things get a little messy, and before you know it you’re just stuffing clothes in where they’ll fit? I reached that point again a couple of weeks ago.

Eventually I got sick of it, as I always do, pulled out everything and put it back one piece at a time, considering the necessity of each one. Several bags of items ended up not making the cut and going into the charity bin. Goodbye ill-fitting jeans, poorly thought out purchases, and that dress from several years ago that doesn’t fit me anymore and I wouldn’t wear anyway. Goodbye too-high heels, and those shoes that look pretty but pinch my toes. Even though I’ve drastically reduced the amount of new things I buy over the past few years, it’s amazing how many things managed to creep in.

Now that it’s back in order and considerably slimmer, looking in my wardrobe makes me feel happy and clear instead of stressed and confused. Things, even if they are nicely organised, have a mental weight to them. Getting rid of them feels like an enormous weight lifted.

Each time I do this it gets a little better, a little easier. I have less things to get rid of, and an easier time getting rid of things that gave me pause the last time. Whilst it still isn’t perfect (I’ve resigned to the fact that it will be an evolving thing), I think I have my wardrobe down to a point where I don’t need to add anything, only replace things as they wear out. It doesn’t look at all like your typical minimalist or capsule wardrobe – there’s a ton of colour and prints, and not a ‘crisp white shirt’ in sight – but it works for me and my lifestyle. Following on from what I wrote about being a maker, my plan from here is to replace things as they wear out with things that I’ve made, bought secondhand or bought from ethical and ideally local sources.

I know a lot has been said on this topic in the blogging world, but it’s such a personal journey that I think another perspective is always a good thing! Look forward to more posts in this series coming up.

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