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I’ve always struggled to define what this blog is about, because it shifts so much – from a place to share my art to describing life as a freelance designer, chronicling my travels overseas, reviewing and making food, and lately to being very much a personal blog.

Obviously this hasn’t really been very good for grabbing and maintaining an audience, but that was never the point – I think perhaps even if no one ever read it, ChiGarden has been a place of exploration and growth for me both as a designer and a writer, and that’s been enough. But with this latest iteration of the design I’ve had a think about what I want this space to be going forward – for the moment anyway – and let that guide my personal musings posted here and bring it all together.

Here’s the plan

The past few years I’ve wanted to write more about minimalism, simplicity, slow living, sustainability and ethical consumption, but I’ve shied away from it as an overarching theme for ChiGarden because I didn’t feel confident in my knowledge about these things or my ability to write well about them. I’m still not really confident, but hey – the journey is the interesting part right? None of us are perfect, but flawed people are so much more interesting to read about anyway.

There are a lot of minimalism bloggers out there, but I think they all have something unique to offer. Some follow minimalism to the conclusion of owning only what they can carry on their back as they explore the world; others focus on finding the perfect (monochrome, it’s always monochrome) capsule wardrobe, or relate the trials of maintaining minimalism whilst being a parent. Some are purely instructional, others intensely personal and introspective.

As for me – this blog will remain mainly about my personal experience, but I’ll try to relate things back to the values (more on that later) where I can. I’ll be writing about minimalism from my own perspective – as someone who is child-free, not terribly fashionable, doesn’t have a ton of money to spare, struggles with taking on too much, loves food, is very lazy and trying every day to make the better choice. It’ll still be lots of travel, food, random thoughts, books and wardrobe notes, but hopefully a bit more cohesive and with some helpful stuff thrown in.

If you’ve been reading all this time (over a decade, and I know there are a few of you), thank you! I hope you’ll stick with me in this current version of ChiGarden.

If you’re new, looking to simplify your life and see how another person is going about it – welcome! I hope you’ll find what you’re searching for here.


  1. Looking forward to this! I definitely agree with you on the point of people blogging about minimalism in very different ways and angles – they’re all a little bit different and very much stems from that person’s own journey and life’s experiences!

    1. Honestly I think a lot of it will be quite similar haha, although I’m going to try and link it back wherever I can! I do love seeing different people’s take on minimalism and how it fits into their own lives.

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