Making Peanut Butter

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I had an inkling that peanut butter was easy to make, but I didn’t realise just how easy.

As it tends to be the toast condiment of choice in our household, we go through it fairly quickly and throwing out the plastic jar each time was beginning to irk me. Add to that the unease of preservatives, sugars and salt required to make a commercial product popular and long-lasting – homemade peanut butter looked like a healthier, fresher and less wasteful option.

I roughly followed these instructions from the Kitchn – roughly as in I tend to not actually measure quantities for things like this. It really is as simple as you would expect: lightly roast some peanuts, blend them up, add in some honey/salt/oil to taste, blend some more then pop into a jar for consumption. I spent longer cleaning the blender than I did actually making peanut butter.

peanut butter-1
Roast up some peanuts
peanut butter-2
Blend or process peanuts whilst still slightly warm
peanut butter-3
At this point I added some honey, salt and oil before blending some more
peanut butter-5
peanut butter-4
peanut butter-7

Now of course the end result isn’t as silky smooth as store-bought peanut butter, but as I’m a crunchy fan anyway that’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make. Give it a go!

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