Baby Raph

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Yawning baby in a hospital bassinet

He’s here! Raphael arrived just a few days late, after a very long labour during a state-wide lockdown, and not quite as heavy as predicted in the ultrasounds. We chose to wait until the birth to find out the sex of our baby, and I’m so happy being the mum of two boys (plus one doggy good boy). I would also have loved having a daughter just as much, but two kids is plenty for us and our family feels very much complete!

At first he looked a lot like Felix as a newborn, but after a week it was clear he’s very much his own person. He’s an enthusiastic feeder so is quickly becoming cutely chubby, has plenty of hair that sticks up on top, and loves a cuddle. We’re starting to get a few smiles and conversational gurgles. Sleep is, as is the case with most newborns, very much a work in progress.

Felix has taken impressively well to being a big brother – although he generally isn’t very interested in babies, he loves to give Raph kisses, tries to include him in games (like putting on his “seatbelt” when playing car on the couch) and likes to always know where Raph is and what he’s doing. Having just turned two(!), a new baby brother and mum being home whilst dad goes back to work is a whole lot to deal with at once, but he seems to be taking it in his stride.

Taking care of two kids is quite the balancing act, but (so far) we seem to be going okay – largely thanks to the help of our parents and one day a week where Felix is in daycare. I remember being so overwhelmed when Felix was a newborn, but now days where I just have Raph to take care of feel almost like a holiday in comparison to having both. I know this sleepy newborn phase won’t last, but for the moment I’m enjoying taking him to cafes or spending time doing art whilst he watches or naps.

I was so worried about how Jasper would react when Felix was born, but he is now very much used to babies and seems to have accepted Raph as part of the family. He’s also enjoying the third consecutive year of having one of us at home full time – I’m not sure he’d stand for us both leaving him at home to go to work when this is over.

I’m exhausted but generally enjoying this new stage of our lives!

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