Evolving flower wreath

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I’ve found that since becoming a mum, it’s been harder to carve out time for doing creative things – there always seems to be something that feels more important that I should be doing, so it get pushed back. That’s why I tried to attend a few workshops last year, before Raph was born, to commit to a little block of time just for me!

I loved Little Green Studio’s Christmas wreath workshop, where we created floral wreaths out of locally grown flowers and greenery. The best bit, in my opinion, is that the wreath base is made of dried grape vines bound with twine, allowing the stems of the flowers to be wedged in the gaps. This made it forgiving to work with, and meant that the whole arrangement could be updated or replaced completely using the same base.

I used oak leaves and colourful native flowers that I thought would dry nicely, as with heatwaves at that time of year I knew there wasn’t much chance of keeping it green for long. Within a few days it had browned beautifully, hung outside my front door.

After Raph was born, we were given some flower arrangements that included beautifully colourful dried flowers. I decided to give my dried wreath a refresh by adding them in with the old, with the big banksia as the hero.

It lives on the light by our front door

I love that can keep remixing this wreath when it needs a refresh, as long as it can handle the outdoor conditions!

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