A mini, minimalist nappy bag

For a long time I’ve kept what’s in my bag pretty minimalist (when carrying a bag at all). With a dodgy back I can’t carry…

Felix at five months

It’s been five months, and it still feels weird calling myself a mum or talking about my son. Having a baby is a roller coaster…

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Random pregnancy advice

I started writing this whilst on maternity leave waiting for my baby to arrive – it’s now almost 4 months later but I didn’t want…

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2019 Bullet Journalling

Wow, so it’s 2019! 2018 was quite a big year for me in some ways (like being pregnant), in others quieter (like having less energy…

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How time flies

It’s been almost a year since my last post here, and my plans to spend more time writing in 2018 haven’t really gone as well…

Rollercoaster 2017

We made it! 2017 sounded like a rollercoaster year for everyone, and it certainly was for me too. Towards the end of the year when…

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Cooking in Oaxaca

Since Oaxaca is known for its food, cooking classes are popular for travellers wanting to learn more about the local cuisine. The Boy and I were keen…

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Head and Heart – 2016

What a year! I’m now in that wonderful zone between Christmas and the new year, where I can spend my days at home working on…

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