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Weddings and Things

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The past few weeks have been full of weddings and wedding-related things, which combined with patchy internet access has meant very little blogging. Things have been crazy busy between planning wedding lead-up mini events, designing a wedding stationery suite, baking scones, creating a quiz only hardcore Disney fans would ace, making a million delicate paper flowers, speech planning and general merriment, but what are friends for?

Back to regular blogging soon! In the meantime, here’s a few snaps.
kitchen tea-5kitchen tea-8 trinhmun wedding-10 trinhmun wedding-22

Head & Heart – August 2015

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It’s hard to believe that I’ve been doing these Head & Heart posts for over a year now – my first one was in May 2014! Reading back through what I was doing this time last year is interesting – things are somehow the same but different. Feel free to join in with the monthly reviews if you’d like to!

“A monthly capture of my feelings and doings, in the raw.”


Feeling pretty good! This time last year (in fact for most of Spring last year), I was feeling pretty miserable health-wise. My ongoing back pain issues had spiked massively to the point where I was spending weeks not able to move without pain, let alone exercise. I’ve tried a lot of things since then which have collectively made a massive difference, to the point where I haven’t had any extreme back pain so far this year. I’m so grateful to the people who helped me get to this point, and put up with me at my lower points.


Ethical clothing. After reading To Die For: Is Fashion Wearing Out the World? I’ve been trying to figure out how I can put what I’ve learned into practice. It’s easier said than done – just finding underwear which is ethically produced and sustainable still has me weighing up options. I do want to discover more and write about it here, but I feel it’s too soon to be making recommendations. Erin over at Reading My Tea Leaves has been writing some great posts on growing a minimalist wardrobe in an ethical and sustainable way (in the US), definitely worth a read.


Weddings! I have TWO weddings coming up in September, including one where I’m the matron (ew) of honour. Between the events themselves and all the surrounding ones, it’s going to be a busy and exciting month.


Not eating ice-cream or chocolate. I’m really bad at resisting the treats always floating around at work, so I’ve banded together with our other designer to see how long we can go without them. So far we’ve lasted a week and a half, which to me is much more significant than it sounds!

Calligraphy practice. I’m also trying to get back into regular calligraphy practice, especially as I feel quite unhappy with my current work. You can see my progress over on Instagram, @teresa_watts. Still working on actually writing blog posts about calligraphy on teresawatts.com.


(Misshapen) bowls. I am loving my pottery class, even if all my bowls have ended up somewhat wonky. I feel like I’m slowly getting better, so hopefully I’ll have one or two decent ones by the end of the course, in two more weeks. I can see why half my class are returning students, who have fallen in love with wheel work and don’t want to commit to setting up their own pottery studio. I have a feeling I might be joining them next term!

Peanut butter. So good! I don’t intend to go back to commercial peanut butter anytime soon. Check it out if you’re a nut butter fan.


World War Z by Max Brooks. Yep, a little bit different to the creativity/minimalism articles and non-fiction books, but I do have a soft spot for zombies and dystopian fiction. Whilst I did enjoy the movie version (the one with Brad Pitt and scary fast zombies), the book is such a different take on the genre that it really stands out from more brainless (haha) offerings. I like that it shows perspectives from around the world, as opposed to American suburbia. A great read!

“Who knows what we could have accomplished if we had only chucked the politics and come together as human bloody beings.”

Adventures in South Africa – Beyond Cape Town

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We visited a few areas outside of Cape Town – more beautiful beaches and dramatic cliffs, amazing food and the wedding we travelled all that way for. Here’s a short photo diary of the places we visited.

Cape Point

Sometimes mistakenly called the southernmost tip of South Africa, Cape Point and neighbouring Cape of Good Hope are at the tip of the rocky peninsula. There were beautiful views out to the Atlantic and Indian Oceans.
south-africa-73 south-africa-74

Langebaan Lagoon

Driving further westwards from Cape Town, we visited Langebaan and its lagoon. Despite beaches around Cape Town being very beautiful, I found the Atlantic Ocean far too cold to stand in for long. This huge lagoon in Langebaan, sheltered from the cold ocean, was beautifully mild, clear and shallow enough to walk through quite far from the shore. The area is popular for kitesurfing and sailing, but that day was very quiet and peaceful.

We drove around the rest of the national park, stopping for bird watching in shelters reached by boardwalks in the marshes. We spotted wild flamingos in the distance via binoculars, and ostriches hanging out near the road (they are a little scary!).



Our main reason for visiting South Africa was to attend our friends’ wedding, held on the famous Sixteen Mile Beach in Yzerfontein. We stayed at the same BnB that hosted the wedding, for a quick stumble to bed after the festivities were over. The ceremony was held right on the beach, with the reception just a few steps away in a marquee decorated with shells and succulents. We ate freshly baked bread and seafood cooked on the braai, and performed a surprise dance that everyone but the couple were in on (it was like a scene out of a movie where everyone knows the moves!). I love weddings that so perfectly reflect the couple, and this was one of the best.

Yzerfontein is a very small fishing town, but the beach (whilst cold!) is beautiful as it stretches right into the horizon on both sides.
south-africa-78 south-africa-81 south-africa-93 south-africa-109 south-africa-111south-africa-113south-africa-121south-africa-118

Stellenbosch & Franschhoek

I was told that the main wine regions near Cape Town topped even Margaret River for their picturesque scenery and wines. We joined a day wine tasting tour, and along with another couple (coincidentally also Australian) drove from Cape Town to Stellenbosch and Franschhoek. Mountains, rolling hills and Cape Dutch architecture greeted us as we visited wineries, sampling wine, biltong and game.

Overall the wines were fantastic, and far more affordable than in Australia. In fact, the wine I had all over South Africa was excellent, with wine lists showing almost entirely local wines. The area is also known for its food, with Franschhoek fast transforming from a sleepy town to a gourmet destination. If we ever return to South Africa I’d like to spend more than a day in the area!
south-africa-180 south-africa-179 south-africa-177 south-africa-175 south-africa-170 south-africa-168 south-africa-167 south-africa-166 south-africa-165

And that’s (finally) it for The Boy and I in South Africa, which was several months ago now! Here’s the rest of the posts if you missed any:

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